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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
DATE. January 8th, 2014.
[style guides]
- Wikipedia, Book Design. \cf{}
- The Chicago Manual of Style. \cf{}
- Writing a Thesis with LaTex. \cf{} or material.
- Writing for Computer Science. \cf{} or material.
- Gnuplot. \cf{}
- Gnuplot. Not so FAQ. \cf{}
- Matplotlib. \cf{}
- R. \cf{}
- Commands:
> pdflatex thesis
> bibtex thesis
> pdflatex thesis
> pdflatex thesis
> pdflatex thesis
- This should create the file thesis.pdf.
- If not, make sure you have all the require packages installed (see webisthesis.cls).
- If everything works like it should, you should not be forced to change anything in webisthesis.cls at all.
author = {Jurafsky, Daniel and Martin, James H.},
edition = {2},
howpublished = {Hardcover},
isbn = {0131873210},
month = {May},
publisher = {Prentice Hall},
title = {Speech and Language Processing},
year = {2008}
author = {Manning, Christopher D. and Schuetze, Hinrich},
edition = {1},
howpublished = {Hardcover},
isbn = {0262133601},
month = {June},
publisher = {The MIT Press},
title = {Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing},
year = {1999}
title = {{Cross-Language Text Classification using Structural Correspondence Learning}},
author = {Peter Prettenhofer and Benno Stein},
booktitle = {Proceedings of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics (to appear)},
month = {July},
year = {2010},
address = {Uppsala, Sweden},
publisher = {Association for Computational Linguistics},
author = {Frank Rosenblatt},
journal = {Psychological review},
month = {November},
number = {6},
pages = {386--408},
title = {The perceptron: a probabilistic model for information storage and organization in the brain.},
volume = {65},
year = {1958}
% When you change the language, pdflatex may halt on recompilation.
% Just hit enter to continue and recompile again. This should fix it.
% Values
% ------
\ThesisSetTitle{The Title of my Thesis}
\ThesisSetKeywords{These, Are, My keywords} % only for PDF meta attributes
\ThesisSetAuthor{First name Last name}
\ThesisSetPlaceOfBirth{My place of birth}
\ThesisSetSupervisors{Prof.\ Dr.\ Benno Stein,Prof.\ Dr.\ Unknown Yet}
% Suggested Packages
% ------------------
% Allows citing in different ways (e.g., only the authors if you use the
% citation again within a short time).
% For tables ``looking the right way''.
% Enables tables with columns that automatically fill the page width.
% A package for pseudo code algorithms.
% For tabular-style formatting of mathematical environments.
% Create links in the pdf document
% Hyperref has some incompatibilities with other packages
% Some other packages must be loaded before, some after hyperref
% Additional options to the hyperref package can be provided in the braces []
\usehyperref[backref] % This will add back references in the bibliography
A short summary.
%\chapter*{Acknowledgements} % optional
%I thank the authors of the webisthesis template for their excellent work!
%\listoffigures % optional
%\listoftables % optional
%\listofalgorithms % optional
% requires package algorithm2e
% optional: list of symbols/notation (e.g., using the nomencl package)
% Showing natbib citation commands
Let us get started by citing \citet{manning:1999}!
So what did \citeauthor{manning:1999} do in \citeyear{manning:1999}?
Good question!
% Showing hyperref reference commands
Maybe it is answered in \autoref{introduction} on page~\pageref{introduction}?
Just to have something show up in the list of figures, I included \autoref{fig:a}.
\begin{figure}[bt]% bottom or top of page (for small figures/tables)
\begin{center}{\huge\bf A}\end{center}
\caption{The first letter in the Roman alphabet.}\label{fig:a}
% \formatdate (or \formatdatelong to print the month as a word}
This date does not exist: \formatdatelong{30}{2}{2014}
and is the same as \formatdate{30}{2}{2014}.
% An example table
And here is some table with some numbers (\autoref{tab:numbers})
which deserves to be on an extra page.
\begin{table}[p]% extra page (usually for large figures/tables)
\caption{Tables have their captions above, figures below.}
\multicolumn{4}{c}{Some numbers}\\\midrule
& 1999 & 2000 & 2001 \\\cmidrule(l){2-4}
% cmidrule: A line from 2nd to 4th column, trimmed on the left hand side
Distance (km) & 23 & 18 & 42 \\
Awesomeness (aws) & 3.2 & 8.1 & 2.4 \\\bottomrule
% Appendix
\chapter{My First Appendix}
This was just missing.
% Bibliography
\bibliographystyle{plainnat} % requires package natbib. An alternative is apalike
\bibliography{literature} % load file literature.bib
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