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- Git + Gitlab: how to join and check out a project
- How to setup your development environment:
- Ubuntu package management
- Quick tour: Editors, shells, IDEs, interpreters, compilers
- How to setup a python project
- Pipenv, Pyenv for managing interpreters and libraries
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- How to setup pytorch (other relevant libs?)
- How to setup a Java project (gradle)
- How to setup your machine for Alexa development
- Basics of networks, protocols, distributed systems
- Using CephFS
- Working remotely: SSH, tmux
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- The Missing Semester of Your CS Education:
- The Linux Command Line:
## Self-assessment Tasks
1. Log into your workstation, use sudo, ensure a given set of apt packages are installed
2. Clone a given repository with `Pipfile` and `.python-version` files, and set up the Python development environment to match.
3. SSH into a remote machine, and repeat the repository setup there.
4. Start a local Jupyter notebook server, then run a remote notebook server over SSH, then on Kubernetes using
# Rules
- write a mail if you encounter problems
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