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- [How many clusters are available on the webis network?](#how-many-clusters-are-available-on-the-webis-network)
- [What are the different corpora available?](#what-are-the-different-corpora-available)
- [Where are the webis labs located?](#where-are-the-webis-labs-located)
- [Where can I ask for help in the webis group?](#where-can-i-ask-for-help-in-the-webis-group)
- [Where to ask for help?](#where-to-ask-for-help)
# How to organize my data on the webis machines?
![Organizing your projects](
......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ Our corpora page lists the corpora available on `betaweb` and on `/mnt/nfs/webis
- **Switch off** the lights
# Where can I ask for help in the webis group?
# Where to ask for help?
- Have a look at the [Documentation page](
- Ask [Student assistants]( for help
- Ask on the mailing list : ``
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