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How to do work with Windows

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#### How to do work with Windows?
Using Windows, we suggest you set up your work environment in WSL 2. (requires _Windows 10, Version 1903, Build 18362_!)
Please also install [OpenVPN]( to be able to access internal services.
**How to setup WSL 2?**
Please refer to the [official Windows WSL documentation]( There are many online tutorials like [Installing Ubuntu Bash for Windows 10 – WSL2 Setup]( or [How to Install Ubuntu in Windows 10 with WSL 2]( about the basic setup steps.
Please use WSL 2 (or Windows-Subsystem for Linux version 2) that runs a virtualized Linux kernel. This is required to [work with Ceph](#how-to-use-cephcephfss3). You also need to activate the Ceph kernel modules which is explained in more detail [here](
**How to setup Docker?**
To use `docker`, `docker-compose` and `kubectl` in Windows/WSL and with the Webis infrastructure (e.g. [kubernetes](, you need to install [Docker Desktop on Windows]( Note the section about working with WSL 2.
#### How to do work on code?
Be sure to check the generic [how to do work](#how-to-do-work) first.
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