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......@@ -101,6 +101,14 @@ Writing the answer:
- Use links. Everything you write is in danger of being outdated soon.
- Consider to split the question. Ask yourself: Could there be people that are just interested in one part of your answer? If so, then split the question but let the answers link to each other.
### How to do data annotation?
Depending on your task, you can use:
- [Doccano]( for text annotation. (Here's [how to use it](
Doccano supports annotation for:
- Text classification (e.g., relevance judgements, [sentiment analysis](
- Sequence labelling (e.g., [named entity recognition](
- Sequence to sequence (e.g., [translation](
### How to do filenames?
Use **only** English lowercase alphabet, numbers and hyphens in the filename.
......@@ -364,6 +372,9 @@ Install the *Eclipse CVS Client* to use CVS in Eclipse:
If you run into troubles, check [how to fix Eclipse](#how-to-fix-eclipse-).
### How to use Doccano?
See the [usage instructions](
### How to use Docker?
See our [docker repository and documentation]( and the [official tutorial](
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