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### How to do data annotation?
For text annotation, use the [Doccano]( web service. Here's [how to use it](#how-to-use-doccano).
Doccano can be used for common text annotation tasks such as:
- Text classification (e.g., relevance judgements, [sentiment analysis](
- Sequence labelling (e.g., [named entity recognition](
- Sequence to sequence (e.g., [translation](
### How to do filenames?
Use **only** English lowercase alphabet, numbers and hyphens in the filename.
......@@ -364,6 +371,57 @@ Install the *Eclipse CVS Client* to use CVS in Eclipse:
If you run into troubles, check [how to fix Eclipse](#how-to-fix-eclipse-).
### How to use Doccano?
The [Doccano]( annotation tool is served at
1. [Create user accounts](#how-to-create-users-in-doccano) (including for yourself).
1. [Create a project](#how-to-create-a-project-in-doccano).
1. [Import a dataset](#how-to-import-a-dataset-in-doccano).
1. [Add annotators and moderators](#how-to-add-annotatorsmoderators-to-a-project-in-doccano) to the project.
1. [Start annotating](#how-to-annotate-texts-in-doccano) the dataset.
For more detailed information on how to manage Doccano, you can read its [tutorial]( and [FAQ](
#### How to create users in Doccano?
1. [Sign in]( to Doccano as admin.
(The current admin password can be found in the password database next to `webis-organization-notes.txt` in [CVS](
1. [Add a user]( from the [admin panel](
1. [Repeat](#how-to-create-users-in-doccano) for additional annotators and moderators.
#### How to create a project in Doccano?
1. [Sign in]( to Doccano.
1. On the [project list]( page, click on _Create_.
1. Name the project like this: `<year>-<project>-<task>`.
Please stick to this naming convention as there's no option to group projects.
1. Give your project a meaningful description.
1. Choose the annotation type. If you want to restrict users to a single label, select _Allow single label_.
1. Click _Save_.
1. Continue by [adding annotators](#how-to-add-annotatorsmoderators-to-a-project-in-doccano) and [importing datasets](#how-to-import-a-dataset-in-doccano).
### How to import a dataset in Doccano?
1. [Sign in]( to Doccano.
1. If you haven't, [create a project](#how-to-create-a-project-in-doccano).
1. Open the project from the [project list](
1. Go to the _Dataset_ tab, click _Actions_, and select _Import Dataset_.
1. Choose the file type (probably _CSV_) and follow the on screen instructions.
1. Double-check the imported dataset.
#### How to add annotators/moderators to a project in Doccano?
1. [Create the users](#how-to-create-users-in-doccano) you want to add as annotators or moderators.
1. [Sign in]( to Doccano.
1. Open the project from the [project list](
1. Go to the _Members_ tab and click _Add_.
1. Type the annotator username to add to the project.
1. Choose a role and _save_.
1. [Repeat](#how-to-add-annotatorsmoderators-to-a-project-in-doccano) for additional annotators.
#### How to annotate texts in Doccano?
1. [Sign in]( to Doccano.
1. Open the project from the [project list](
1. Click _Start Annotation_.
1. Read the annotation guideline (third icon from the left in the toolbar).
1. Either click the label to annotate or press the label's shortkey on the keyboard.
1. Navigate to the next document using the arrow keys.
### How to use Docker?
See our [docker repository and documentation]( and the [official tutorial](
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