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### How to use Screen or tmux?
Both programs are very similar. Tmux is probably a bit easier to use for beginners. Read the *getting started* sections for [screen]( and [tmux]( for more information on how to use them.
### How to use Slurm?
You need an gitlab account with [enabled SSH-Key authentication]( to run slurm jobs.
Access is only possible via SSH-Key(s), so please add (if not already done) the public key(s) that you want to use to your [gitlab account](
Within the [webis vpn](, SSH into by `ssh <YOUR-USER-NAME>` to run slurm jobs.
Your home directory is mounted on all Gammawebs and located in the CephFS at `/mnt/ceph/storage/data-tmp/<CURRENT-YEAR>/<YOUR-USER-NAME>`. You can access your home directory as any CephFS directory. **Attention: to maintain clean home directories, we will switch to new and empty home directories in `/mnt/ceph/storage/data-tmp/<NEXT-YEAR>/` at the turn of the year.** This switch will be announced by mail, and the old home directory remains in `data-tmp` for a while, still, do only store data in your home-directory that can be lost, as `data-tmp` indicates that there is no snapshotting, etc.
After login, you can run slurm jobs. E.g.: `srun hostname`.
### How to use SSH?
The [Secure Shell]( (SSH) allows you to log into remote machines over the network, access the command line, transfer files, and set up port forwarding.
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