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Added possibility to reset kubernetes token

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......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ Pick or create an authentication group `auth/auth-services/<name>` as subgroup o
- Add it to the `kubernetes.podpriority.webisservices.extra_namespaces` (as `services-<name>`) and `kubernetes.group_namespaces` (named `services-<name>` with group `auth/auth-services/<name>`) in the [controller.sls](
- Run `salt "" state.apply kubernetes.controller`
- Deploy your demo/service to the Kubernetes namespace `services-<name>` (set `metadata.namespace` in the `.yaml` to `services-<name>` for all entries (deployments, services, and so on))
- If you add someone to `auth/auth-services/<name>`, they might need to reset their Kubernetes token by removing the `id-token`-line from your `~/.kube/config` for the changes to take effect
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