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......@@ -155,6 +155,7 @@ We are [restructuring the webis command](
- GitHub: Add them to these organizations as appropriate (usually as owner): [webis-de](, [netspeak](, [pan-webis-de](, [tira-io](
- Add them to the [webisstud]( and [webis]( mailing lists (you have to remove the `^.*$` from the ban list [[webisstud](, [webis](] beforehand and add it back afterwards--this is to avoid subscription request spam). The password is in the password file next to the [webis-organization-notes.txt]( search for `mailman`
- [Invite]( them to our Discord server and give them the role of their university, `staff`, and `<their-university>-staff`
- Make sure they are aware of [facilities](, [FAQ](, [for students](
### How to do promotion for my publication?
See the research-generic-notes in the [CVS]( (staff members only).
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