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......@@ -46,6 +46,19 @@ Pick or create an authentication group `auth/auth-services/<name>` as subgroup o
- Deploy your demo/service to the Kubernetes namespace `services-<name>` (set `metadata.namespace` in the `.yaml` to `services-<name>` for all entries (deployments, services, and so on))
- If you add someone to `auth/auth-services/<name>`, they might need to reset their Kubernetes token by removing the `id-token`-line from your `~/.kube/config` for the changes to take effect
### How to do a mail address change in GitLab?
If the account is still associated with the Weimar university account, first see [how to do a Weimar university account/LDAP account unlink in GitLab](#how-to-do-a-weimar-university-accountldap-account-unlink-in-gitlab).
On ``, log in and *then* change to `root` (password in webis-organization passwords files).
# Based on
gitlab-rails console # takes some time to load
myuser = User.find_by_username('<username>') = "<email>"
### How to do a presentation?
This depends a lot on the kind of presentation.
......@@ -89,6 +102,10 @@ Be sure to check the generic [how to do work](#how-to-do-work) first.
Then check our [thesis notes]( for advice on writing.
### How to do a Weimar university account/LDAP account unlink in GitLab?
As an admin, go to the account's page (admin panel, "view latest users", search for the account). Under "Identities", click "Delete".
### How to do an answer for this FAQ?
Placing the answer:
- Questions should be sorted alphabetically: I know it sounds nice to order them by topic, but we can not maintain such an ordering for long
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