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#### How to use CVS in Eclipse?
Install the *Eclipse CVS Client* to use CVS in Eclipse:
- Host: ``
- Repository Path: `/srv/cvsroot`
- Connection type: `extssh`
**Important** set the workspace encoding to ISO-8859-1
- Menu: Window -> Preferences
- Search for "encoding", go to Workspace
- Set "Text file ecoding" to ISO-8859-1 and Next text file line delimiter to Unix
**Add CVS repository to Eclipse**
- Menu: Window -> Show View -> Other...
- Select CVS -> CVS Repositories
- In the CVS View click Add CVS Repository
- Host:
- Repository path: /srv/cvsroot
- User and Password as per Webis login
- Connection Type: extssh
- Use port: 22
- Validate connection on finish
**Import from within eclipse**
- Checkout folders by expanding HEAD and selecting Check Out in the right-click option menu
**Import existing local CVS repository**
- (Especially useful for windows users trying to use the `webis cvs update` command)
- File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace -> Next
- Select the local folder to import into the workspace by clicking Browse... and navigating to the folder and hit finish (each folder must be imported manually)
If you run into troubles, check [how to fix Eclipse](#how-to-fix-eclipse-).
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