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......@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ Be sure to check the generic [how to do work](#how-to-do-work) first.
- Also see our [data page]( for an overview of the datasets we have, as they might be useful for you. You should be able to access the data at `/mnt/ceph/storage/corpora`.
- If you download a new dataset, ask your supervisor where to put it and to add an entry to the [data page](
#### How to do work on web-archive data?
#### How to do work on web archive data?
- Log into the [webis jupyterlab]( with your gitlab credentials
- Launch a new terminal and check out the [aitools4-aq-cluster-computing repository](
- Ensure that you have a user directory in the HDFS (ask your supervisor to run the following in
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