Commit ff073aaa authored by Maik Fröbe's avatar Maik Fröbe
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insert user into auth-pki-cert-server/user during webiscmd git onboard

parent 4191a783
......@@ -60,6 +60,11 @@ users_by_id = { u for u in external_users}
#groups_to_add = [gl.groups.get(GROUP_ID_WEBISSTUD), gl.groups.get(GROUP_ID_THIRDPARTY)]
groups_to_add = [g for g in gl.groups.list(all=True) if g.visibility != 'private']
if confirm_prompt("Give selected ids MASTER access to auth/auth-pki-cert-server/user (for VPN access)?"):
group_id_pki_server_user = 328
groups_to_add += [gl.groups.get(group_id_pki_server_user)]
def add_to_group(uid, g):
lInfo("Adding new member {} to {}".format(u.username,
g.members.create({'user_id': uid, 'access_level': gitlab.MASTER_ACCESS})
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