Commit e21fc26e authored by Johannes Kiesel's avatar Johannes Kiesel
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Maintainer Access for groups

parent 2bfd7837
......@@ -75,13 +75,13 @@ def confirm_group_access_prompt(group, users):
def add_to_group(user, group):"Adding new member '{}' to '{}'".format(user.username, group.full_path))
group.members.create({'user_id':, 'access_level': gitlab.GUEST_ACCESS})
group.members.create({'user_id':, 'access_level': gitlab.MAINTAINER_ACCESS})
def set_access_for_existing(user, group):
member = group.members.get("Granting access to '{}' for '{}'".format(group.full_path, user.username))
member.access_level = gitlab.GUEST_ACCESS
member.access_level = gitlab.MAINTAINER_ACCESS
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