Commit da9746cd authored by Janek Bevendorff's avatar Janek Bevendorff

Fix --validity argument default value

parent 86c3e17c
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ if [ "$CMD" == "issue" ]; then
DEFINE_string "email" "" "E-Mail address for the certificate" "e"
DEFINE_boolean "no_password" false "Do not encrypt private key" "n"
DEFINE_boolean "overwrite" false "Overwrite existing certificates instead of incrementing filename (use with caution!)" "x"
DEFINE_integer "validity" "" "Certificate validity period in days" "v"
DEFINE_integer "validity" 0 "Certificate validity period in days" "v"
DEFINE_string "csr" "" "CSR file (optional)" "i"
DEFINE_string "out" "/dev/stdout" "OpenVPN .ovpn config or PEM file to generate (optional)" "o"
elif [ "$CMD" == "revoke" ]; then
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