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......@@ -70,6 +70,93 @@ git Helper scripts for working with the Webis Git server a
cvstree2git Try to clone all projects in the current CVS tree from Git.
s2git Import a CVS module into a new Git repository and push.
deactivate-unused-accounts Deactivate Gitlab accounts that haven't had any activity for a long time.
fix-names Fix names of BUW AD users.
gitlab Gitlab commandline interface that comes with python-gitlab.
init Initialize GitLab API client.
last-commit Get the last commit date of one or more repositories.
list-groups List all gitlab groups.
onboard Set up the correct Gitlab group permissions for a new student, Hiwi or external researcher.
update-project Clone or update the given Git project from GitLab.
web-admin Display a web-admin view for Gitlab (need to have a token with admin access).
k8s Kubernetes tools.
connect-test-cluster Connect kubectl to the testing cluster.
get-namespace-permissions Gets for each namespace the users/groups that are allowed to use it
login Set up OpenID authentication for kubernetes access.
setup-user-namespaces Set up k8s access per gitlab groups.
spark Run Spark tasks on Kubernetes.
shell Start Spark Shell.
pyshell Start PySpark Shell.
submit Submit Spark application.
sql Run Spark SQL.
latex LaTeX utilities.
reformat-bib Reformat BibTeX files.
pki Webis TLS PKI Tools.
cert Manage VPN client, server, and ICA certificates.
issue Issue a new certificate.
revoke Revoke a certificate.
util General helper tools and utilities.
adduser Creates a user on a remote system.
authorized-ssh-keys Collect all SSH keys in use across salt minions' user accounts.
backup-btrfs-vol Take a snapshot of a btrfs subvolume and back up its contents to another location.
find-accounts Find accounts on salt minions.
letsencrypt Letsencrypt DNS challenge helper.
retrieve-cert Retrieve (wildcard) cert for a subdomain using the dns-01 challenge.
list-buw-dns List all assigned Webis host names / IP addresses at BUW.
login Get user name for a university login.
mturk-manager-frontend Start the MTurk manager frontend on your machine.
parallel-idrac Execute idrac command in parallel across multiple hosts.
patch-jar Add files from one jar to another.
read-from-clipboard Print the clipboard to standard output.
reset-workstation Reset workstation and reinstall Ubuntu.
reset-ws Commands to reset a workstation.
info Print info
local Reset a workstation local
remote Reset a workstation remotly
salt-restart Restart a salt minion on a targeted machine.
sshproxy Set up an SSH proxy tunnel for accessing digital library content or university-restricted URLs.
help Display installation and setup instructions.
install Install the packages required by sshproxy (works only on Ubuntu and Debian-based systems).
run Run the proxy.
tasks Execute lists of tasks in parallel.
help Print usage instructions.
reload Reload the tasks_file.
stop Let running processes fail and exit.
work Start *one* worker process in the background (use multiple times for multi-threading).
webis-web-permissions Find files with missing group write permission on gonzo.
write-to-clipboard Fill the clipboard from standard input.
webis20 Storage Management Scripts, need direct access to RAID Controller and MegaCLI installed.
lsi MegaCLI script to configure and monitor LSI raid cards.
yk YubiKey 2FA utilities.
setup YubiKey setup helpers.
card-status Check smartcard status and print stored information.
set-pin Change smartcard PIN.
edit-card-info Edit stored cardholder info.
gen-master Create a new PGP master key.
add-subkeys Create PGP subkeys and add them to the master key.
key-to-card Transfer PGP key to smartcard.
fetch-pubkey Fetch and trust public key from URL stored on the card.
print-secret-key Print secret key associated with the smartcard.
print-pubkey Print public key associated with the smartcard.
send-pubkey Send public key to key server.
ssh SSH 2FA utilities for OpenPGP-compatible smartcards.
print-pubkey Print SSH-compatible public key of connected smartcard.
connect-agent Connect the SSH agent to the GPG agent socket.
Generated using *webis core update-cheatsheet*. If you find this file to be outdated, rerun this command and push the updated file to the Git server.
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